First Annual European Foregut Society Meeting – Vienna 2021

Multi-disciplinary and centre based care for the functional foregut patient.
How do we make this the universal standard?

Thursday November 4th

Opening 9 am CET:

The European Foregut Society – an interdisciplinary collaboration across Europe (10min)
Luigi Bonavina (University of Milano/Italy)
Sebastian F. Schoppmann (Medical University of Vienna/Austria)
Nick Boyle (London/United Kingdom)

Welcome – Austrian Society of Surgery
Albert Tuchmann (Austrian Society of Surgery)

American Foregut Society – European Foregut Society across the sea – the aim of an International Foregut Society (10min)
John Lipham (USC/American Foregut Society/United States of America)

Physiology (9:20-10:05 am CET):

Chair: Stephen Attwood (Durham University/United Kingdom), Sebastian F. Schoppmann (Medical University of Vienna/Austria)

The pathophysiology of GERD. The disruptive view (12+3min) Anthony Hobson (The Functional Gut Clinic/United Kingdom)

Esophageal Motility. Chicago 4 and EGJ-OO – What fo(u)r? (12+3min) Arjan Bredenoord (AMC Amsterdam/Netherlands)

 (10:00-10:30 am CET)

Johnson & Johnson Institute sponsored session:

LINX™: Safety and performance. What does the clinical evidence tell us?
John Lipham (USC/American Foregut Society/United States of America) 30 min

Diagnostic and Technical Challenges (10:30-11:50 am CET)

Chair: Ivan Kristo (Medical University of Vienna/Austria), Martin Riegler (Vienna/Austria)

Is it eosinophilic esophagitis or gastroesophageal reflux disease? (12+3min)
Stephen Attwood (Durham University/United Kingdom)

Management of persistent dysphagia in patients with eosinophilic esophagitis (12+3min)
Rami Sweis (University College London/United Kingdom)

ENDOFLIP: Does it have a role? (12+3min)
Daniel Pohl (University Hospital Zurich/Switzerland)

Reflux testing: past, present, and future (12+3min)
Edoardo Savarino (Padua/Italy)

The Hiatus – what is relevant? From an endoscopic and laparoscopic view (GI/Surgeon, 20 min)
Karl-Hermann Fuchs (University of Würzburg/Germany)
Joachim Labenz (Siegen/Germany)

Moderated discussion:
How the experts work up patients with symptoms of Foregut disease (11:50-12:45 am CET) Chair:
Nick Boyle (London/United Kingdom)

John Lipham (USC/American Foregut Society/United States of America)
Oliver Pech
Rainer Schöfl (Linz, Austria)
Dimitrios Theodorou (Athens/Greece)

12:45-1:15pm CET Break

1:15pm-1:45 pm CET:
Keynote Lecture: Giant paraesophageal hernias – A lifetime of experience (30min)
Don Low (Seattle/United States of America)

Extra-esophageal GERD (1:45-2:30 pm CET)
Chair: Reza Asari (Medical University of Vienna/Austria), Stefan Mönig (Geneva/Switzerland)

Physiology, diagnosis and manifestations of laryngo-pharyngeal reflux (12+3min)
Jessica Leers (Cologne/Germany)

Pulmonary manifestation of laryngopharyngeal reflux (12+3min)
Peter George (Imperial College London/United Kingdom)

Treatment of laryngopharyngeal reflux: Medical, interventional endoscopy or surgery? (12+3min)
Jason Dunn (London/United Kingdom)

Moderated discussion:
Laryngo-pharyngeal reflux: how the experts work up and treat LPR patients (2:30 – 3:00pm CET)
Chair: Thomas Horbach (Frankfurt am Main/Germany), Jörg Zehetner (Bern/Switzerland)

Martin Birchall (University College London/United Kingdom)
Anthony Hobson (The Functional Gut Clinic/United Kingdom)
Nick Boyle (London/United Kingdom)
Berit Schneider-Stickler (Medical University of Vienna/Austria)

3:00-3:15pm CET Break

GERD Interventions -evolution of therapy (3:15-4:30 pm CET)
Chair: Luigi Bonavina (University of Milano/Italy), Beat Müller (Heidelberg/Germany)

Long-term medical treatment – to worry or not? (12+3min)
Phil Woodland (Royal London Hospital/United Kingdom)

When medical therapy fails – Why and what to do? (12+3min)
Anjan Dhar (Durham/United Kingdom)

Antireflux-Surgery – Does the robot help us for giant hernias? (12+3min)
Stefan Mönig (Geneva/Switzerland)

Outcomes for magnetic sphincter augmentation- Long term results (12+3min)
Emanuele Asti (University of Milano/Italy)

Endoscopic anti-reflux procedures – is there a right patient? (12+3min)
Pier Alberto Testoni (Milano/Italy)

Moderated discussion:
How the experts treat the “difficult” reflux patient – 60 seconds answer session (4:30-5:00) Chair: Luigi Bonavina (University of Milano/Italy), Christian Gutschow (University Hospital Zurich/Switzerland)

Arnulf Hölscher (Frankfurt/Essen/Germany)
Aleksandar Simic (University of Belgrade/Serbia)
Joachim Labenz (Siegen/Germany)
Phil Woodland (Royal London Hospital/United Kingdom)
Oliver Pech (Regensburg/Germany)

The challenging hiatus (5:00-5:50 pm CET)
Chair: Karl-Hermann Fuchs (Frankfurt/Germany), Dimitrios Theodorou (Athens/Greece)

The comeback of Allison! HHR or LES-Augmentation (12+3min) Nick Boyle (London/United Kingdom)

Achilles heel – hiatal hernia recurrence – how to avoid? (12+3min) Christian Gutschow (University Hospital Zurich/Switzerland)

I always/never use a mesh: peer to peer discussion (20min)
Pro: Dieter Birk (Bietigheim/Germany)
Contra: Johannes Zacherl (Vienna/Austria)

BD Symposium:

(5:50-6:15pm CET)
EFS Delphi Para-oesophageal results CG

Christian Gutschow (University Hospital Zurich/Switzerland)

B. Braun Educational Lecture:

(6:15-6:30pm CET)
Use of Eso-SPONGE® to treat anastomotic leaks and perforations

Imad Kamaleddine (University Hospital Rostock/Germany)

(6:30-7:00pm CET)
Keynote lecture:
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth: The elephant in the room
Mark Pimentel (Geffen School of Medicine/United States of America)

Friday November 5th

Barrett’s Eosophagus (9:30-10:45am CET)
Chair: Christian Madl (Vienna/Austria), Peter Siersema (Radboud University/Netherlands)

Screening (15min)
Rebecca Fitzgerald (University of Cambridge/United Kingdom) (12+3)

Prophylaxis: Impact of the AspECT Trial and what about surgery? (12+3)
Janus Jankowski (London/United Kingdom)

Current and emerging ablation techniques in BE (12+3)
Adam Chwiesko (Bialystok/Poland)

Dysplastic BE and early EAC (EMR/ESD) (12+3)
Helmut Messmann (Augsburg/Germany)

What to do after complete BE eradication (12+3)
Ognjan Skrobic (University of Belgrade/Serbia)

10:45-11:15 am CET
Moderated Discussion:
Work up and treatment of patients with Barrett’s esophagus (30min)
Moderator: Ines Gockel (Leipzig/Germany), Christian Sebesta (Vienna/Austria)

Stephen Attwood (Durham University/United Kingdom)
Martin Riegler (Vienna/Austria)
Klaus Kaserer (Vienna/Austria)

Break 11:15-12:15

Achalasia 2021 (12:15-1:00pm CET)
Chair: Aleksandar Simic (University of Belgrade/Serbia), Andreas Püspök (Eisenstadt/Austria)

Diagnosis of achalasia in 2021 (12+3)
Mark Fox (Arlesheim/University Hospital Zurich/Switzerland)

Heller vs POEM vs Dilatation (12+3)
Ines Gockel (Leipzig/Germany)

Treatment failures! (12+3)
Arnulf Hölscher (Frankfurt/Essen/Germany)

Keynote lecture 1:00-1:30pm CET:
Management of esophageal leakage
Peter Siersema (Radboud University/Netherlands)

Video Session – How I do it (1:30-2:40)
Chair: Sebastian Schoppmann (Medical University of Vienna/Austria)

Endoscopy (8+2min)
Oliver Pech (Regensburg/Germany)

POEM (8+2min)
Matt Banks (University College London/United Kingdom)

EMR (8+2min)
Werner Dolak (Medical University of Vienna/Austria)

ESD (8+2min)
Seung-Hun Chon (Cologne/Germany)

LINX (8+2min)
Nick Boyle (London/United Kingdom)

Esophyx (8+2min)
Pier Alberto Testoni (Milano/Italy)

Reflux Stop (8+2min)
Jörg Zehetner (Bern/Switzerland)

Falciform ligament flap for crural augmentation (8+2min)
Emanuele Asti (University of Milano/Italy)

Presentation of Belgrade 2022 Alex Simic 2:40-3:00pm CET

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