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Our Mission

The European Foregut Society fosters collaboration and exchange of ideas throughout Europe, across disciplines and between clinicians in the management of patients with benign Foregut disease and pre-malignancy. We encourage international dialogue, education, and research. Our society will assist in the development of benchmarks that improve diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for patients with Foregut symptoms and we offer support for implementation.

The reasons for creating the Society

The European Foregut Society is the leading association in Europe concerning any upper abdominal diseases.

We want to fight foregut diseases

Traditional societies tend to focus on cancer and bariatrics to the extent that benign “functional” disease is largely marginalised. We want to be different.

A needed Pan- European Society

We want to combine the knowledge of all experts of europe to become the leading society for the upper abdomenal area.

Women & Foregut Society

The aims of the women within the foregut society are to:

  • Ensure equity within the foregut society and within the foregut society leadership
  • Promote an increase in women speakers at national and international meetings
  • Aim for a better connection of the women within the foregut society (mentorship program)
  • Establish designated sessions on issues of sex and gender of patients with esophageal disease
  • Provide monetary awards and grants for research dedicated to issues of sex and gender of patients with esophageal disease


Luigi Bonavina
Founding Member

Sebastian Schoppmann
Founding Member

Joerg Zehetner
Founding Member

Thomas Horbach
Founding Member

Nicholas Boyle
Founding Member

Aleksandar Simić
Founding Member

Ivan Krišto
Founding Member

Published Papers
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